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Toro Blanco – Leading Aberdeen Fitness Studio

At Toro Blanco, we pride ourselves on giving the best service to our clients which is physically shown in our exceptional facilities including our Aberdeen fitness studio. When you work with our personal trainers, you will receive one on one training session in the studio gym, right in the heart of Aberdeen.

At Toro Blanco, we offer a unique and fully personalised training service that extends beyond fitness and into health and lifestyle coaching too. The ultimate goal whenever you work with the team here is that you know how to live a healthy and happy life so we provide a holistic approach that is sustainable just for you. You’ll be given a broad range of advice and your fitness trainer in Aberdeen will become a friend, mentor, and educator so that you can achieve your long-term objectives. In fact, we will work with you so closely that you will develop the skills to become your own personal trainer so that you can continue your healthy habits for the rest of your life. However, if you’re already well on your way to living your fittest and healthiest life but need some extra support, then Chris Roy Triathlete the owner of Toro Blanco will be able to help. Passionate about sport for his whole life, Chris was due to head to the 2006 Commonwealth Games before an injury forced him to stop. However, he simply found a different way to win and became a professional triathlete for eight years. His experience is unparalleled in the personal training world as it covers so many aspects of health, fitness and competitive sport.

Aberdeen Fitness Studio

Our Aberdeen fitness studio is the perfect place to start your own personal journey, regardless of what stage you’re at.  Our fitness studio located in the central location of Aberdeen Area. It is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities such as showers, bathroom and adequate parking. So if you’re interested in taking the next healthier step, get in touch with us today.

What We Do To Help

Personal training studio for hire

If you’re a personal trainer looking for a fitness studio in Aberdeen, our facilities are available for hire on an hourly basis.

Send us a message through our Contact page to arrange a viewing or to reserve your time in the studio.