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Are Custom Virtual Fitness Classes Effective
08 Oct
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Are Custom Virtual Fitness Classes Effective?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, there has been a rise in the number of people using virtual fitness classes due to gyms and clinics being closed. Technology has changed the way that many people have operated their businesses, including the health and fitness sector. Traditionally, people used the gym or their PT in Aberdeen to get in shape and live healthier lifestyles, but thanks to the rise in online fitness technology and modern, hectic lifestyle, is online training the way forward?

If you are at a point in your health and fitness journey where you need help, take a read of the below blog before you hire a personal trainer in Aberdeen. We will be looking at the pros and cons of both online fitness and face to face personal training to make sure that you have all the information before making your decision.

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Pros of online fitness classes

  • Instant access – one of the most appealing aspects of online fitness is that once you pay for a subscription or class, you get access to it straight away. There is no waiting around or scheduling an appointment, simply use your login details and you can get started!
  • Flexible – You don’t have to worry about fitting your schedule around your fitness, instead you have the freedom to fit your fitness around your lifestyle. You can choose to do your classes and training when you are free and when it suits your plans. There are no fixed hours either, if you need an extremely early morning session or a late night one, simply log in and do the class when you are ready.
  • Lots of choice – thanks to the internet, you are almost guaranteed to find a program that suits your goals and lifestyle. There are hundreds of options out there, from home workouts that require no equipment and even American live fitness classes that you can fit around your night shift.
  • Affordable – another of the main reasons people began turning to online fitness is the cost. Whilst there is a lot of range in pricing out there, you can choose something that fits your budget.
  • Tracking capabilities – a lot of virtual fitness classes are in the form of apps nowadays. The good thing about apps is that most of them have tracking capabilities so you can monitor your own progress.

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Cons of online fitness classes

  • Too much choice – Whilst having a lot of choice might seem like a huge benefit, the classes are not tailored to you in a saturated market. If you are a novice in fitness, it can be overwhelming to choose which classes and exercises to sign up for – how do you know which will be the most effective to reach your goals?
  • Too flexible – One of the biggest flaws in virtual classes is that you do not have any accountability if you are not motivated. When you have days where you think you are exhausted and you want to skip a session, there is no one there to remind you of your goals and why you started. Without anyone to push you, it is very easy to slip back into old habits.
  • No guidance – When you are using a virtual class, the instructor cannot check your form and correct it if you are doing it wrong. Not only will this cause the exercise to become less effective if you have the wrong form, it can also be dangerous and carries a higher risk of injury.
  • Not personal – a virtual class or app doesn’t identify your goals and change the plan to suit your progress. The programme cannot consider your personal background, lifestyle, and exercise knowledge in the way that a personal trainer can.
  • Can be repetitive – as they are appealing to a much wider audience, online fitness can become repetitive. As they do not know background history and they cannot monitor progress, they will always use exercises that most people are able to complete.

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Pros of a local personal trainer

Now we have had an in depth look at online fitness, let’s look at the pros of hiring a face-to-face personal trainer:

  • Qualifications – personal trainers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they can use to help you reach your goals. As well as fitness, they will be able to help with nutrition to help you lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.
  • Personalised – if you use a personal trainer, there is not one size fits all training plan that they will use. They will do an initial assessment and find out about your goals and your lifestyle to make sure your training programme is unique as well as sustainable.
  • Guidance and form correction – a personal trainer knows how to perform the exercises correctly and will be able to correct your form if you are performing them wrong. Not only is this much safer, but it gives you a better understanding of the exercise and how it is working your body.
  • Variety – if you use a personal trainer, you can guarantee that you will not be stuck doing repetitive work out routines! They want to make sure that you are as motivated as possible and that you look forward to your sessions instead of seeing them as a chore.
  • Motivation and accountability – a personal trainer not only creates a plan for your health and fitness goals, but they are also there to make sure that you stick to your schedule. Those days when you really feel like skipping a session could end up being some of your favourite, and you will feel much better once you have finished it. Your personal trainer wants to motivate and guide you so that you don’t end up slipping back into bad habits.
  • Flexible plans – personal trainers can monitor your progress much better than any app will be able to. They will be able to adjust and change the plan as you progress to make sure that you reach your goal.

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So, which is better?

Neither option should be discounted, and it is important to note that any positive change you make to your routine and lifestyle that is healthy is always going to be a good one. Online fitness has a lot of benefits, such as affordability and flexible schedules, but this is an option more suitable for those who already have an established fitness routine. For novices, a personal trainer seems to be the best option if you are looking for guidance and motivation. It all depends on what your personal goals are, and what is right for you and your health.

Whilst it seems overwhelming that having a personal trainer outweighs online fitness classes, it does not mean that you shouldn’t use the classes. They are a useful tool to use alongside your local personal trainer, for example when you don’t have childcare and can’t get to the gym.

You won’t receive the same support and knowledge using virtual classes that you will receive from your PT in Aberdeen, and you will not have the help, guidance, and motivation to go along with it. If you are looking to hire the best personal trainer in Aberdeen, then get in touch today to find out more information.

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