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As a former professional athlete, I have always had a true passion for health and fitness. The next logical step was to be of help to others in terms of their health concerns due to a mixture of my life long experience and family background within this field.

I would like to think with my experience and expertise to date, I can help individuals achieve their goals within health, fitness and sports.  I will always remain true to my ideology that a healthy mind equals a healthy body, and that the two are inseparable . When you come to  Toro Blanco – you will be able to benefit from the many years of acquired knowledge and experience I have gained in the health and fitness world.

My love of sport came from my grandfather, who played football professionally. He believed that discipline, concentration and a positive attitude can enable you to achieve more than you thought possible. This ethos was instilled in me when very young and gave me the right attitude to excel within my own sporting endeavours. Currently,  Now, when you search for ‘Chris Roy, Aberdeen’, you will see I have had a varied sporting career and experience in helping many people achieve their health and life objectives.  This means that when you come to me, you are engaging with someone with a broad range of experiences.

Personal Trainer Aberdeen
Personal Trainer Aberdeen

I will work with you to understand your personal goals and define a programme to achieve your objectives. Although I work in the personal training sector, my clients would call me a health and fitness coach. I will work with you in a different way to ensure you adopt a healthier, yet balanced, way of living that is sustainable for you and not merely give you a one size fits all approach. This will enable you to increase your physical ability, hopefully become more active and to have a more productive life. I work with other qualified therapists in order to help alleviate problems that have arisen for clients before joining us at Toro Blanco. Thanks to my many years performing highest level of professional sport, I have made many contacts around the world who assist me even today, with the most complicated health issues clients come to me with. I feel I am more equipped than many in being able to tackle clients’ with a wide variety of health and metabolic related diseases.

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My Biography and Curriculum Vitae

Health & Fitness Trainer / Ex Professional Athlete

 My background in health and fitness …

I was lucky enough to be offered a sport and academia-focussed scholarship to attend Gordonstoun boarding school. Their motto, “plus est en vous” (“there is more in you”), was certainly true for me! I was given a grounding in outdoor education and sport which were combined with my normal class routine. There,  I achieved house trophies for swimming, triathlon and athletics. I also attained podium positions within the Scottish Schools Finals for swimming and shooting (I was the Scottish shooting champion for two years). During my time at the school, I was also invited to attend several triathlon training camps at the National Institute of Sport in Stirling.

On leaving school I was offered a one-year contract with a Sydney-based swimming team at the SOPAC (Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre) where I was expecting to prepare for the 2006 Commonwealth Games.  Sadly, due to a triceps overuse injury, I had to return to the UK for treatment and rehabilitation. Following this, and on the advice from the sports medical team, I moved into triathlon. This allowed me to use my many years of experience within swimming and develop my natural strength and endurance with the other two sports.

Due to my desire to understand human performance in sport I attended Aberdeen University and graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science. I then went onto complete my Advanced Diploma and Level 4 in Personal Training in Newcastle. I furthered my studies while in Spain (2013-2019) gaining vast experience in the fields of sports biomechanics, sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

I returned to my home town of Aberdeen and started my own personal training company after spotting a gap in the health-focused personal training market. During this 4-year period, I was extremely proud of my exceptionally high client retention rate.

In my personal time, I continued to train in triathlon and came to a cross roads at which I needed to decide whether to turn professional – time was of the essence. So I took the plunge in 2013 when I was fortunate enough to realise my dream of moving to Spain and becoming a professional triathlete. In my eight years as a professional in Olympic and  middle-distance triathlons, I achieved many accolades in Spain (two wins and six podium finishes), and even placed within the top 10 in several of the world’s best middle-distance races.

I have learnt an enormous amount from the experts that have guided me throughout my sporting career: my mentors have included, biomechanics, sports physiologists, dieticians, psychologists and some fantastic physiotherapists. These people have the best minds and attitudes and who are at the forefront of sports performance and human health. I learnt how to deal with the extreme levels of stress when under pressure, which many do not get the opportunity to experience or deal with.

I returned to Scotland from Spain and have been implementing my rather unique experiences to good use. I have an almost obsessive need to help those who seek guidance on their health and fitness and who want or feel they can live a happier life to do so, with my help…

So if you’d like to make use of my wealth of experience, let’s get started…