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17 Oct
Chris Roy

Every 12 weeks we track progress of all clients through health and fitness screening.

Last week one of our female clients surpassed expectations and broke our record for the maximum weight loss in any given 12 weeks/3-month period.

Here’s an insight into just how much can change with a highly specified training plan:

Initial consultation:

Resting Heart Rate:55 bpm
Blood Pressure145/100
Peak Flow440 PEF
Blood SAT’s96%
Weight Stats =Weight: 125.8 kgsBMI: 50.4
Subcutaneous Fat 60.2%Visceral Fat Index 30

12 weeks/3 months Health Screen Check

Resting Heart Rate:53 bpm
Blood Pressure132/88
Peak Flow485 PEF
Blood SAT’s98%
Weight Stats =Weight: 113.8 kgsBMI: 45.6
Subcutaneous Fat 53.9%Visceral Fat Index 25

Her weight has reduced 12 kgs, however that’s not as important as her physiology; her lung capacity increasing and her blood pressure dropping, along with her visceral fat (fat around her organs) reducing.

These statistics are what we should all be striving for regardless of our starting point.

Not to mention her SATS (oxygen saturation in blood) up to 98% is simply incredible in 3 months!

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