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I feel I am more experienced than ever to help individuals with their health and fitness needs. My experience to date is one that is unparalleled and I am obsessively driven to help those who appreciate guidance in health and fitness to live a happier life. I have a vast amount of acquired knowledge that I am excited to help others with. So lets begin….


I couldn’t believe it when I heard Chris was back. Since Chris left, I tried several different personal trainers and they offered very little in comparison to what he provided. I previously lost 4 stone with him and was able to go from very little fitness to running in the 10k baker Hughes and Balmoral. The initial consultation with Chris at the end of June was relaxed but very focused on me as an individual in regards to not only my weight but my health and wellbeing. He took the following stats -blood pressure, Peak flow, ECG, SAT’s (Oxygen Saturation), resting heart rate and the fit track scales to measure my body composition. This was to ensure it was safe for me to exercise and the approach we were taking would not only help me to lose weight safely but to allow both Chris and I to see progression within each session. It was very obvious his knowledge has vastly been increased due to his own experiences and research. This has enabled Chris to create an individual and bespoke programme for me to carry out,taking into consideration I have two boys along with working part time. Chris does not focus on one session alone, but continually looks and plans towards the long-term approach and how changing my lifestyle little by little will ensure I am able to reach realistic goals not only that I will benefit from but as will my family.

Iain – Business Advisor

Chris has a strong focus on individual needs and set a challenging programme for me but within my capabilities. He monitored my progress carefully and developed the routines as time went on. I found him to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very caring. He really motivated me to achieve my goals by ensuring the programme was varied and by giving me regular positive feedback

Simone – Architect

Chris had a strong opinion regarding my health from the start, how I should be exercising and I quickly learnt Chris is a serious person. Having high cholesterol and being on many other medicines to reduce my hypertension and control my anxiety. I can safely say that he has changed my life and I am off all medication. His long-term approach and foresight is incredible and not to be underestimated. He plays the long game and I will always be in his debt for giving me a better quality of life, that I did not think possible 2 years ago.

Samuele – Engineer Manager at IDE

I met Chris more than 10 years ago. I have never found anyone so meticulously prepared and passionate about both practice and theory of sports performance. Be it in me, an every day guy wanting to stay healthy or people who want to compete, he always finds a way to improve you. No matter if he is explaining the fine detail of how proteins are digested and the rebuilding process of the muscles or every day issues like timing of training in your busy schedule he is professional and accurate. I have seen this first hand with myself and with his friends. This is Chris´s way of life, that is why he is so good. He lives to make people healthier and more active.

Jamal – Pilot

There are many Personal Trainers that I could have chosen in Aberdeen but after having my initial consultation, I thought Chris was more of a fitness planner and guide. He may not like that I have catoragized him. However, I think he brings more to the table than a Personal Trainer. I have been with Chris many years now and I have watched as he has developed into an expert in many areas. What I like the most is he knows what doesn’t work, which saves time and effort on both our parts. I have heard people say Chris can be too methodical but these are people focusing on short term and cant see a bigger picture. My wellbeing is better with Chris in my life, I think that is the most important aspect of his training.