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If you take part in regular physical activity, your body is of course being placed under some level of stress. In order to avoid injury, it is wise to take preventative measures which can be done by engaging the services of a sports therapy clinic, and at Toro Blanco, we have can offer you the experience of a sports therapist in Aberdeen. Not only can this help to keep you in peak physical fitness, this sports massage in Aberdeen can also treat your injuries after they have already occurred.

So if you require sports massage in Aberdeen, you’re in the right place! This type of sports massage in Aberdeen will target the soft tissue areas which have been affected by your exercise, and your sports injury therapist in Aberdeen will help with problem areas as they arise. A normal massage or a deep tissue massage is more general whereas your sports massage in Aberdeen will focus on the key areas which perhaps have larger or older knots. Your sports therapist in Aberdeen needs to be an expert in this type of massage in order for it to be effective.

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Your sports injury therapist in Aberdeen here at Toro Blanco will work with you to determine the right programme you need to undertake in our sports therapy clinic. This will depend entirely on your individual needs. The Aberdeen sports therapy provided by Toro Blanco will be as regular as needed. Professional and high-level athletes often have sports massages weekly whereas if you only undertake general exercise, you might only require sports physical therapy in Aberdeen as infrequently as monthly or in the event of an injury. Our sports rehab clinic in Aberdeen helps you to immediately recover from any type of injuries & get back you to the game.

When considering your Aberdeen sports therapy, it is important you use the services of a trained professional. The sports physical therapy in Aberdeen offered by Toro Blanco is a service you can trust.

Nearly all athletic and sporting activities carry a risk of injury, and/or pulled muscles. Ligament tears and dislocations have caused innumerable problems to many athletes over the years. Injuries can occur at any time and are usually as a result of not warming up properly or using incorrect form/technique. Our sports injury physical therapy can aid the rehabilitation process and help to speed up the recovery time of an injury as well as reduce discomfort. It is also a useful tool in helping to prevent further injuries in the future.

While many people assume that sports injury physical therapy is just for elite athletes, it can actually be a very beneficial and non-invasive option to treat a wide range of issues including:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Hamstring strains
  • Tennis elbow
  • Back pain

Sports injury physical therapy can involve massaging, which can help to improve blood circulation and muscle relaxation giving a relief from stiff and sore muscles and increased flexibility. Here at Toro Blanco, your sports injury therapist will undertake a full evaluation before coming up with the right programme based entirely on your individual needs. Get in touch today for more information or to book in for a consultation.

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