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Sports physical therapy is a specialised field within physiotherapy that purely focuses on treating injuries related to sports or exercise at all levels of fitness and ages. Not only that, it focuses on getting clients back to performing at their level before the injury which can sometimes take time. Athletes need to maintain a high level of physical performance for them to continue to push themselves and excel and the pressure on the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles makes them more prone to injury. Our sports physical therapy in Aberdeen team creates personalised training plans with specialised treatments to treat these injuries safely and as quickly as possible.

sports physical therapy in Aberdeen

Why you need physical rehabilitation after a sport injury

Injuries are more common than you think if you regularly take part in sports or exercise. Poor technique whilst playing and training or an inadequate warm could mean that you are out of action for a while – which no one wants! Aberdeen sports therapy can help people to regain strength and movement following this kind of injury. We can also help someone to manage the pain and prevent further damage which could lead to recurring problems in the future. Although there is no way to prevent such injuries fully – accidents do happen – with a comprehensive plan in place it can help to lessen the chances, by focusing on maintaining muscle strength and endurance.

Even though it is crucial to rehabilitate following a sports injury, it is often overlooked as most people want to get back into the game or exercising as quickly as possible. What then starts out as a sprain could turn into something much worse. At our sports rehab clinic in Aberdeen, we want to make sure that you make a full recovery before returning back to your chosen sport. No matter what injury you have experienced, Aberdeen sports therapy can make sure you make a speedy recovery without causing further damage or pain.

Aberdeen sports therapy

The 7 biggest benefits of sports physical therapy, Aberdeen

  1. Eliminate and reduce pain – following a sports injury, the pain can sometimes be intense. Some sports, such as football or rugby which are physically stressful, may require instant pain relief following injuries. Our sport injury therapist, Aberdeen, can use techniques such as hot and cold packs to help with inflammation as the first port of call. Then, we can help to relieve future pain with a comprehensive plan to target exactly what is wrong.
  2. Avoid surgery – if left unattended, some sporting injuries can lead to surgery in the future to correct damage that has been caused. By using our sports rehab clinic in Aberdeen, we can help to heal injured tissue and facilitate mobility faster. When surgery is unavoidable, we can still help to get you back into shape and get you back to your pre-injury fitness.
  3. Prevent future injuries – One of the key aspects of sports physical therapy in Aberdeen is that we can assess and evaluate your body and focus on weak areas. With a personalised plan, we can help to strengthen vulnerable points to strengthen weak muscle groups and joints to try and prevent future injuries.
  4. Physical strength – We rely on physical strength on a daily basis, not just for athletics or exercise. With a mixture of resistance training, exercises and stretches, our sports injury therapist in Aberdeen can help you to reach your full potential and improve your performance.
  5. Improved balance – Following a serious injury or surgery, it can be hard for patients to get back onto their feet. Aberdeen sports therapy can use therapeutic exercises to restore your mobility and have you back on your feet quickly and safely. We can then monitor your progress and put together a training plan to help improve your coordination and balance.
  6. Cardio benefits – Our recommended training programmes might include cardio workouts and our therapists will help you to improve your endurance and give tips for breathing patterns. Our trained professionals at our sports rehab clinic in Aberdeen want to help improve your fitness as a whole, and cardio is top of the list for athletes and can contribute to your overall wellbeing.
  7. Cool down – it is just as important to cool down following intense exercise as it is to warm up to decrease the risk of an injury. All of our sports therapists in Aberdeen are trained in sports massage which helps to remove lactic acid following a workout. A sports massage will also stretch the muscles and return them to their pre-exercise state to help prevent any injuries.

How to maintain your workout with an injury

When you are dealing with a sports injury, whether it is a sprain or following surgery, a fast recovery is probably at the forefront of your mind and usually rest is best! However, if you are a seasoned exerciser or an athlete, then exercise withdrawal can cause a lot of anxiety, especially if you don’t know how long you will be injured for. This is why Aberdeen sports therapy is so complex, we aim to get you fighting fit as quickly as possible without causing further injury. What exercise you can continue with will depend on what type of injury you have sustained. For example, walking or running might not be advised for a foot or ankle injury, but you could be advised to partake in a low impact sport such as swimming or weight training your upper body. Even if it feels too easy compared to how you normally train, there are a lot of options you can do to not get back to your baseline fitness whilst you are taking a break. Anything is better than nothing, and there will always be some exercise that will benefit your situation.

It could take some creativity and mean that you try new ways of exercising that you would not have done before. You need to do what is best for you and your body to make sure that you are healing properly. Most athletes do find training whilst injured possible and being injured doesn’t mean you will have to lose all the fitness that you have gained and worked on. You can do modified workouts or work with a personal trainer Aberdeen to design an alternate routine whilst you recover.

personal trainer Aberdeen

If you do choose to continue to exercise, then it is wise to get approval and advice from your sports injury therapist, Aberdeen. We can recommend safe exercises and one’s that will help to speed up your recovery. You can work towards getting back into action by focusing on strength and conditioning with specific exercises and stretches, especially if you have strict orders to rest. The key is to maintain the right attitude towards your injury, it won’t be there forever!

Whatever you decide to do, our sports injury therapist in Aberdeen will work with you to make sure that you are rehabilitated as quickly and safely as possible.

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