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Why Use a Personal Trainer? (And How to Choose the Best One!)
05 Jan
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Why Use a Personal Trainer? (And How to Choose the Best One!)

With Christmas just around the corner, most people will be thinking about starting a new and healthy lifestyle. It happens every year, but most of the time your good intentions peter off and you find yourself slipping into bad habits again. If this sounds like you then it might be time to start looking for a personal trainer in Aberdeen. Whether you need motivation in the New Year to start off your fitness journey, or you aren’t seeing the results that you hoped for, it might be worth investing in a health coach based in Aberdeen to help you realise and reach your goals.

Why use a Personal Trainer in Aberdeenshire?

Personal training can often be seen as something that only elite athletes use, or those who have money to burn! This couldn’t be further from the truth, and there are a whole host of reasons that you should be thinking about investing in a health coach in Aberdeen. Here at Toro Blanco, we are here to help you make positive lifestyle changes to help you reach your goals by creating and implementing effective exercise programmes that are unique to you and your lifestyle. If you are wondering why you might need a personal trainer in Aberdeen, we have put together some reasons for you to consider showing how we can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Help you to understand and learn

What we want to know firstly, is that your personal trainer in Aberdeen isn’t just there to push you and make you sweat – although that will be part of it! We are here to help you understand the exercises you are using and the lifestyle changes that you are making to ensure that you carry these on long after you stop visiting us. We are here to help you to create sustainable habits that will lead to a happier and healthy lifestyle.

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Personalised training plans

Your personal trainer in Aberdeenshire will have an initial assessment and meeting with you to find out what your goals are to create the best plan to tackle it! What works for one person might not be the best option for someone else, and it is important that your plan is realistic to help you stick to it. We will help you to fit your training and changes around your current lifestyle so that you have a better chance of reaching your goals. We don’t want to give you a one size fits all plan – each customer is unique and the plan and advice that they will receive reflects that.

Support and accountability

Whilst most people think that taking the first steps on your fitness journey are the hardest, we know better than anyone that it is further down the line! Those days when you want to skip just one workout or turn a bad day into a bad week are the one’s that you need to be the most careful of – it doesn’t take much to start slipping back into bad habits. Your health coach in Aberdeen will be there through the good and the bad days, and they will support you when you need it the most. Having that extra accountability is what will spur you on to turning a bad week into a good week and keep working towards your end goal!

Fresh set of eyes and ideas

For those of you who are already well into your fitness journey, you may be surprised at how a personal trainer in Aberdeen can help. It can be easy to use the same workout routines and eat the same meals, which work at the beginning but can end up leading to a plateau further down the line. This could lead you to getting disheartened and even giving up if you are not careful! Your personal trainer in Aberdeenshire can give you that fresh perspective and motivation that you needed to challenge yourself and your routine. We can inject some variety and new ideas to ensure that you don’t slump again and help you to carry on to your healthier you.

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Nutritional advice

A health coach in Aberdeen can help reinforce your workout and routines with nutritional advice to make sure that you are getting the most out of your personalised plans. We are here to help guide and advise you to make healthier choices to support your goals, whether that is weight loss, muscle gain or rehabilitation for an injury.

Training for a specific event

As well as helping you create a happier and healthier lifestyle, your personal trainer in Aberdeen is also on hand to help you to reach a specific goal. Whether you have always dreamed of running and marathon and don’t know where to start, or you have wanted to sky dive for as long as you can remember and need to get to a certain weight, we can tailor your plans to help you reach these specific events. We are there for support, guidance, and motivation to make sure that you reach these dreams, no matter where you currently are in your fitness journey.

Form long term healthy habits

Probably one of the most important points on this list – changing your lifestyle is not going to happen overnight. It takes dedication, commitment, and most of all resilience, but with the help of a personal trainer in Aberdeenshire we can help you stay on track until you reach them. We do not want to give you a quick fix, we want to make sure that you create a healthier lifestyle and routine that you can maintain for life.

Choosing your personal trainer in Aberdeen can be a daunting task, and here at Toro Blanco we have put together a list of things that you should consider before making your choice.

  • What do you need? – you need to make sure that you know what your end goals are, and what you are looking for in a health and fitness coach.
  • Make sure your goals are attainable – you will need to consider your age, fitness level, skill level and how much time you can invest
  • Have the time – like we have said, a healthier lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes time and effort to create new habits. Make sure that you have the time to invest before you make your decision

Why Use a Personal Trainer? (And How to Choose the Best One!)

When choosing a health, fitness, and nutrition coach, it is important that you know what you want to get out of each session. Here at Toro Blanco, we will listen closely to what you want to achieve and make sure that we understand you and your needs. Your personal trainer in Aberdeen will work with you to help you work towards your fitness goals to create a healthier lifestyle by making certain changes to your routine and diet and working closely alongside us for support and motivation. We want to make sure that you achieve your goals in a sustainable way to ensure that you carry on with your new, healthy habits – even during bad weeks and the holidays!

Whether you are just starting out on your journey, or you need an extra hand to reach your goals, we look forward to helping you get there!

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