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(Disclaimer: it’s preferable to have a minimum of a BSc in Sports Science or Physiology in order to tackle all of the problems that your clients may have when they come to you.)

Becoming a personal trainer can be a good career choice, particularly if you love motivating others and helping them to achieve their goals. If you are someone who is already a fitness enthusiast, it is likely that you have already done some “unofficial” coaching with family and friends. But there are several more steps to take if you are looking to become a certified Personal Trainer in Aberdeen, and here we have put together everything you need to understand the process of becoming a personal trainer in Aberdeen.

Personal Trainer in Aberdeen

Deciding if Aberdeen Personal Training is right for you

If you are reading this blog, then it is likely that the thought of pursuing a career in personal training has already crossed your mind. You will be able to help people achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals, you will get to choose where and when you work each day, and you will be working in a field that you love! Whilst there are many positive reasons to look into personal training, we want to make sure that you have a good overall view before you decide to take the plunge.

One of the biggest challenges that you will face is the customers themselves. Some may cancel with little or no warning, they may blame you if they do not reach their goals quickly enough or they may be afraid to push themselves when you are not around. This simply highlights the importance of personal trainers in Aberdeen and why you will end up being valued – each customer is different and you will need to be able to determine what each client needs, how hard you can push them, and how to change the client’s routines if required.

Aberdeen personal trainer

Below we have put together a quick guide to highlight the pros and cons of being an Aberdeen personal trainer:



Fulfillment – being an Aberdeen personal trainer really is one of the most rewarding careers. You get to watch people reach their goals and change their lifestyles to become happier and healthier.

Sales Stress – if you are not used to selling yourself as a business, then it may be worrying when you have a quiet period. As long as you stay focused and understand that becoming an Aberdeen personal trainer is part fitness and part sales, then you will stay on track.

Flexibility – you get to choose when you work, you can schedule customers around you and your timetable.

Unpredictable pay – you get to decide what you charge for your services, but if customers cancel unexpectedly then it can affect your income.

Growth potential – the potential to grow your customer base is amazing. There will always be people who want a personal trainer to help and guide them.

Burnout – When you are working in personal training in Aberdeen, or anywhere, you are constantly using a lot of physical and mental energy. This means that it can be easy to become burnt out if you are not careful.

Relationships – you can make a lot of new friends and customers just by working! You will get to meet people through personal training around Aberdeen that you might not have done in your previous line of work, and you will get to know each customer’s situation in order to create the right workout plan for them.

Non traditional working hours – whilst this can be a positive for some people, for others it can be daunting not to work a typical 9-5 job. As most people who use Aberdeen personal training services may like to fit their routines around their work, it means that you will be working a lot of early mornings, some evenings and possibly even weekends.

5 important traits you need to become an Aberdeen Personal Trainer

  • Passion for fitness – this one is obviously the most important. If you do not have a passion for fitness and health, then personal training probably isn’t for you .
  • Motivation – you need to be extremely motivated, not only for yourself but for your customers. They are relying on you to give them inspiration and to spur them on when they don’t really feel like working out.
  • Communication skills – you will need to be an effective communicator with both existing customers – to help them with their workouts and routines – and with potential new clients – to sell your services.
  • Organisational skills – you need to be able to manage timetables, customer plans and your own business and workouts. Having good organisational skills is important when working in Personal Training in Aberdeen.
  • Patience – you need to be able to be patient with your clients – whether they are a bit apprehensive letting loose and trying new exercises, or they are nursing a sports injury. You need to be able to have the patience to guide them through to reach their goals.

Aberdeen personal training

What are the steps you can take to become a personal trainer?

There are 5 main steps that you need to take to start your journey to become an Aberdeen personal trainer:

  1. Act upon your passion – as we have already stated, you must have a passion for all things health and fitness related
  2. Choose the right course for you – you will need to do research to find what the best course and approach is for you. Do you need something part time to fit round work, or can you launch straight into a full time course?
  3. Pass your level 2 Gym instructor and Level 3 personal training qualifications – these are essential for working in personal training, in Aberdeen and indeed all over the UK. You will not be able to become a certified personal trainer without these qualifications.
  4. Choose how you work – once you have all your qualifications, you then need to decide how you want to work. Do you want to be self-employed, work for a gym as an in-house personal trainer or do you want to do freelancing around your normal job? There are a few options.
  5. Find new clients – Once you have decided which approach you want to take, you will need to find new clients and expand your customer base – it’s in your hands!

Personal Training in Aberdeen

So, if you have a real passion for fitness and training, and you want to have a positive impact on people’s lives by helping them reach their goals, then you need to be considering a career in Personal Training, whether in Aberdeen or elsewhere. Nothing can compare to seeing how people’s physical and mental health can be improved with your help and guidance, and you will be able to see progress in their overall wellbeing. Whilst it is not possible to simply become a personal trainer – you need to take courses and gain qualifications – it is up to you to show the willingness and commitment to get started. Take the time to consider everything before taking the plunge into this exciting career, and make sure that you understand the importance of being a personal trainer. You won’t regret it!

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